Bibliophile vs. Bookworm

Old Books
Photo by Melodi2 via
The Bookworm

Bibliophile – from the french, meaning book lover; often a collector; someone who appreciates books for their content, their format, and the materials used in their production. A bibliophile may amass their own collection, or may simply prefer to admire the collections of others i.e. the special collections found in universities, or national libraries. References to book collecting date from the ancient Romans.

Bookworm – 1. an avid reader; someone primarily interested in the content of a book, who may or may not collect books. 2. the larva of a wood-boring beetle that feeds on the paper, and binding paste of books; silverfish. (Note: Mice also eat binding glue which explains why many bookstores house a resident cat.) 3. an electronic game similar to scrabble that will “feed your appetite for words.”

And, just to illustrate the issue – This iconic painting of a bibliophile by Carl Spitzweg is called “The Bookworm.”

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