Cold Grey Winter Day

On Vacation

This is my second winter back at the house in Cut Knife. This one’s not going as well as the first one. Before Christmas I’d started daily practice walks of about 5 kms. The goal being to spend some serious time outdoors on The Great Trail this summer. However, while visiting family over the holidays, I fell on sidewalk ice, and although I’m fine now, I’ve hesitated to step back out onto the slippery snow pack here. Frigid winter temperatures are also doing nothing to encourage me.

Being housebound on cold grey days has led to a lot of introspection. It seems the energy I used to fuel my brisk outdoor walks has redirected itself to my brain instead: the mental gymnastics just will not stop. I ponder reinvention, renewal, old memories, and new pathways. Because of this muddle, Windscape Book Company and WindscapeBookCo will officially be ON VACATION now as they have suffered enough neglect, unofficially.

If you’re interested, check back occasionally to see what’s next. Thanks for stopping by!

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