The Books

In this house, we’re crazy about books. We love anything, and everything about them including who writes them, how they’re made, the stories they tell, and how they fit into our lives. History books are our favourites. Situated in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada, history continues to live on in our place names, in the geography surrounding us, and in our local museums. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Here, online, we’re selling used, out-of-print, and collectible books. As a start-up, we’re striving to increase our selection, so, check our website often as we continue to add to our inventory. All of our books are secondhand, some more gently read than other ones, but certainly worth passing on to others to be read, collected, or gifted.

The Power of Reading

If you live on, or have visited the prairies, you’ll be familiar with the ever-present wind. Out here, it has the power to create and rebuild; it changes the landscape. Think of the hoodoos of Alberta, the sand dunes of Saskatchewan, and the blowing snow of a prairie blizzard. Reading reminds me of that; it has that same power to change, or transform our lives. Whether it’s through the gift of knowledge, of understanding, or of hopeful dreaming, books open up the world to us.

The Bookseller

I’m Debbie MacLeod and I’ve loved books, practically, all my life. In Grade 4, I received two Nancy Drew Mysteries for Christmas, and that was when I discovered that books, unlike TV shows, didn’t have commercials. And, if you were interrupted, at least, when you came back to them, you hadn’t missed anything. I’d say that was also the beginning of my book collecting, too, because The Clue In the Old Album is still in my bookcase.

I’m also a literacy advocate who has shelved library books, been a Paired Reader, fundraised for the Accelerated Reading program, participated in Reading Evenings, and built Literacy Backpacks. We selected as our listing service specifically because they, too, actively support literacy programs through their charity, Biblio Works.