Every Book Collector’s Battle

I’m sure you’ve guessed already, I collect books. And, I don’t mean just the books I search out for selling, I mean the books I buy for myself. My personal collection has outgrown the space I’ve allotted it, repeatedly, and I’m continually on the hunt for more shelves. I don’t know how it happens but, when the lights go out, somehow, those books just seem to multiply all by themselves.

Traditional bookshelves can often be expensive and, to be honest, a bit ordinary if you have as many as I do. So, lately, I’ve been on the hunt for alternatives, and courtesy of Google, I’ve discovered some amazing pieces of furniture created by some very talented people.

The secret to these pieces, though, is that they’ve been made from re-purposed items. In other words, other people’s junk, or trash has been reclaimed through curb-side shopping, dumpster diving, or scavenging. Admittedly, this isn’t for everyone, but with imagination, and a little bit of elbow grease, these discards can be given a second life. Transformed into unique, functional bookshelves, they can be tweaked to fit anyone’s decor. Take a look:

If you’re squeamish about the scavenging part, check out your nearest Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, or architectural clearinghouse. Set aside a Saturday morning, and head out on a treasure hunt. Google pipes, shutters, wood-framed windows, railings, or anything else you find; add ‘repurposed’ to the search, and you’ll discover endless ‘how-to’ instructions for almost any kind of shelving unit.  Good luck!