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I’m a book collector. My shelves are overflowing with the hundreds and hundreds of books I’ve rescued. You’ve seen them… the ones that gather dust in thrift stores, the ones that are still in the box when the garage sale ends, the ones that usually end up in a landfill? If I had my way, no book would ever be thrown away, ever. However, I’ve learned the hard way that an approach like that is not sustainable.

When I ran out of wall space, again, and had to re-arrange my house, again, I decided it was time to take serious action. As hard as it was, I culled my books. For the ones that may have resale value, I’ll find new homes for them via my online bookstore, Windscape Book Company, opening Autumn 2018.

For the broken, the damaged, and the incomplete, these books will be lovingly dismantled. Their parts will be sold to creatives via WindscapeBookCo on so what’s left of them can be re-used, re-purposed, and re-appreciated.

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